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Voltage: 12V CCA: 550 Capacity: 15Ah Weight: 4.2kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 175 x 87 x 155mm (6.89 x 3.43 x 6.1) Terminal Height 1: 100mm (3.94) Terminal Height 2: 175mm (6.89) Terminals: 4, M6x2.5 (MPT2 & MPT3) Screws: 4, M6x7 (2x MPS2) Allen Wrench: 1, 4x4 (MPAK2) Terminal Caps: 4, 12x5.5 (2x MPC2) Spacer: 20mm Bottom (MPBS7), 13mm Back (MPSS)

Hybrid Batteries:
Beyond the limits.¶˙The advantages of lead-acid and lithium in a single battery.¶˙Once again, Motobatt surprises with its technological advances, placing itself at the forefront in the Powersports industry. After several years of research and development Motobatt is ready to launch their new Hybrid technology. Motobattƒ??s Hybrid Technology is the perfect mix of lead-acid & lithium batteries, providing the advantages of both, allowing their new Hybrid range to achieve the best performance.


Motobatt Hybrid vs Lead Acid:

  • 90% stronger in starting power
  • 30% Lighter weight
  • 500% More life cycles
  • 50% Less auto-download
  • Faster Charge Time
  • Constant starting power in cold temperatures
  • Protection against overload, discharge and temperature

Motobatt Hybrid vs Lithium:

  • Compatibility with all original charging systems
  • 200% more amperage (AH)
  • Stable temperature
  • Longer life cycles
  • Higher starting power in cold temperatures
  • Can be charged with normal AGM lead chargers
  • More connections of extra electronic accessories

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