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Motobatt Pro Lithium HP Series

MBLX30UHD-HP Specification:
Weight: 1.78 Kg
Capacity: 8.0 Ah (550 CCA)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 166 mm x 126 mm x 175 / 192 mm
Replaces Motobatt Quadflex: MBTX30UHD
Replaces Yuasa: Y60N24A, Y60N24AL-B, Y60N24L-A, Y60N24L-A2, Y60N30L-A, Y60N30L-B, YB30CL-B, YB30L-B, YIX30L, YIX30L-BS, YIX30L-BS-PW, YIX30L-PW

Protection Circuit Board (PCB):
- Over charging protection. This protection prevents the charger from applying damaging voltages. Non Lithium compatible charges use boost charge and disulphate modes which can damage and overcharge Lithium batteries.
- Thermal protection. Built-in temperature sensor activates shutdown process before the battery overheats.
- Over discharge protection. Designed to shut down the battery before discharging below 8V. Simply reactivate by recharging with a lithium compatible charger. This prevents damage to the battery or reduction in lifespan. Unlike an HP Series, a standard P Series or competitor lithium battery may never recover if depleted.
- Recommended Charger: MBZCHPDCFB - Motobatt Fat Boy Charger

- Around 3x lighter than conventional lead acid batteries and produce much greater power and performance.
- Strong starting currents. Providing reliable, repeated starts in a wider variety of conditions.
- Very low idle discharge. Can retain charge for over a year of inactivity.
- Estimated Life expectancy of 2000 cycles. As opposed to around 500 cycles with a typical Lead Acid battery.
- Short recharging time. 6 minutes for up to 90% charge.
- Cell Balancing Circuit (CBC). This is a feature that many competitor lithium batteries don't have. It provides superior performance and extended battery life by balancing the battery cells while the battery is in use and preventing a single depleted cell causing thermal runaway.

Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries require different care and maintenance from standard lead acid batteries. Always use a charger designed for use with lithium batteries. Warranty will be voided by use of any other type of charger.

Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries are high performance starting batteries. They are not suitable for use where there is a parasitic drain on the battery, e.g. hot grips, alarms, clocks etc.