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QUALITY OFF ROAD ACCESSORIES * Accel Adjustable Leak Jet *Accel Accelerator Pump Spring * Accel Easy Bike Stand* Accel Fuel Cap Breathers * Accel Fuel Mixture Screws* Accel T6 Handlebars * Accel Handlebar Mount Kits * Accel Palm Savers* Accel Rim Lock Nut Kits * Accel Rotator Clamps * Alloy ATV Rims* Enduro Fender/Tail Light * Fork Boots* Grips* Lever Brackets *ACCEL ROTATOR CLAMPS

Accel performance rotator clamps are CNC machined from T6-6061 aluminium then colour anodised for outstanding strength and good looks. Designed to protect your master cylinder and lever from breakage even when fully tightened it features an integrated nylon sleeve between the clamp and the Handle bar allowing rotation upon impact.