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Now you can really go for it! New Battlax Racing R11.

At last the confidence to attack that record time lap after lap.

Bridgestone the world‰ŰŞs number one tyre and rubber manufacturer1sweeps in a new era for grooved racing tyres with the launch of Battlax Racing R11designed to give Supersport andhypersport riders the confidence on track to slash their lap times.

With an awesome mix of Bridgestone technology cultivated at the highest level of motorcycle racing combined with advanced new compound and construction featuresR11 delivers the highest performance in the grooved racing tyre segment. And all this without compromisingBridgestone‰ŰŞs racing DNA on consistency.

Feel The performance

To develop R11Bridgestone took the current BattlaxRacing R10 as the benchmark and set sights on enhancing the contact feel of the track as the tyre performs allowing the rider to attack lap time records during the race lap after lapin a large operating range.

Grip on braking and acceleration

The R11 package is based on a new variable mono-spiral belt (V-MSB) construction in the front tyre which produces higher pressure on the contact patch and more cornering force. This gives the rider better grip and faster corner entry with more contact feel and therefore more confidence.

The rear tyre construction uses an additional GP belt (proven in the Bridgestone V02racing slick) on top of the V-MSB which is tuned for optimal deformation. The result is a rear tyre with higher traction powerconsistentperformance over the tyre life and more grip in all phases.

Moving to the tread design Bridgestone engineers first analysed the abrasion angle under acceleration and deformation in the braking and cornering phases. This enabled them to develop innovative groove positioning for R11which provides maximum rigidity in cornering and maximum contact in the Acceleration phase while ensuring optimal deformation for improved warm uptimes.

Faster lap times

Track testing shows marked improvement versus predecessor in all areas especially in the main target area of corner entry for extra confidence. This impacted on lap times giving R11 consistently faster laps with a 1.3% improvement on fastest lap.

The new Battlax Racing R11 is recommended for all motorcycle racing categories including SSP 300SSP 600 and SST 1000 championship series as well as all manufacturers‰ŰŞ cup events.