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RK TAKASAGO CHAIN - Being the best is a commitment!

Winners of the Suzuka 8 hour for the 32nd consecutive year!

RK’s XSO chains offer less torsional friction & increased high-stress high-speed performance providing a longer lasting chain at anaffordable price.

All RX-Ring chains have “Rerfined X”shaped seals & improved metallurgy giving you 7 times longer wear-lifethan standard O-ring chains. Viewed in cross section the RX-ring hastwo lubrication pools & contact lips versus the single contact deignof a standard O-ring chain. Giving the chain a longer life gives youmore value for your money. RK XSO Sealed Street Chains - RX Seals

The affordable long lasting performance chain series. XSOchains offer less torsional friction and increased high-stress high-speed performance at an affordable price. XSO chains provide 7 timeslonger wearlife compared to standard chains.

- Tensile Strength: 12 200 Nm
- Max CC Rating: 1000ccStreet 750cc Off-road
- Master Link Included: Clip/Rivet type
- Weight: 1.98 kg (per 96 links)

As part of theircontinuing quality improvement program the RK Chain Factory has madea running production upgrade to their best selling XSO chain line. TheXSO chains features RK's proprietary RX-Ring seal design and isoffered in 428 520 525 & 530. All versions are available in avariety of colors. Viewed in cross-section the RK RX-Ring has twocontact lips and one lubrication pool versus the single sealpoint/pool design of a regular o-ring chain. RK's XSO chains offerquality performance and unbeatable value for all but the mostdemanding high performance application.

Chain linkconfigurations of 104 to 122 are available.

Since the RK TakasagoCompany first began production of motorcycle chains as far back as1953 the name RK has been synonymous with quality. RK Takasago chainhas also been researching and developing high-performance seal