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The Commander looks great and offers amazing value for a helmet this cool. The Commander is a light weight (approx 1100gm) open face helmet, designed for Farm, trials and general off road use. We have sold a lot to Dairy farmers who like the fact it is light, more comfortable than an Ag Hat and offers better hearing and ventilation than a traditional JET style helmet.

- ECE 22.05 safety certified

Feedback includes:
-mickthebus: Great lid, V Happy. You're right about the sizing being bang on
-wardsy2: Awesome easy hassle free trade. Great helmet
-focmofo: Very happy customer thank you very much
-spearone: Unbelievable service. I must assume you use Santa Claus to deliver so quickly
-Flutebox: Great seller
-martine1: Helmet is even better than expected. Very highly recommended
- salmon5: nice helmet
- pink-elephants: Awesome trade. Emoto's professionalism is second to none. A+
- kristofar: Very helpful trader. Good communication
- todtb: awesome seller, very friendly staff.
- kyliejean: Great trade, great product
- chris551: Great trader.
- m1ck1: Excellent, great product, price and very quick service
- doofer3: Very easy and relaxing to deal with.
-rpellizznz: AWESOME TRADE!
-znaeb: This trader is 'Outstanding' you won't find better!
-waxy1: Thank you for a great trade very good product
-gwhio: Great trader. Good communication and quick delivery.
-terryd7: Faster than a speeding bullet Emoto does it again. Great Trials helmet. Love it