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Trail Tech Flywheels are CNC machined from hardened chromoly steel.
Each flywheel is individually balanced.

Heavy Weight:
Heavy weight flywheels reduce stalling, improve traction, reduce the need for clutching, and make the bike easier to start.
Adding weight increases inertia, which reduces the bike's tendency to stall at low speeds.
Top speed is not affected - the heavy flywheel smooths power delivery.
The machine will hook up better in soft terrain, and pull stronger.
Riding with a heavier flywheel will reduce arm pump and fatigue.
Reduced Weight:
Reduced weight flywheels add snap to acceleration.
Subtracting weight allows the engine to rev faster, which provides a distinct advantage when getting up to full speed quickly is required.
Sand, dune and MX riders will generally choose a light weight flywheel.
Use an air ratchet for easy removal (use the correct flywheel puller.)
Use hand tools to tighten (use OEM torque specifications.) FLYWHEELSTrail Tech Flywheels are manufactured from hardened chromoly steel, then carefully machined and balanced by skilled craftsmen. A balanced flywheel will reduce engine vibration. Trail Tech carefully balances each flywheel during manufacturing. Installation takes only about 30 minutes and is very simple - no drilling, tapping or grinding required (on most models). Use an air ratchet and the correct flywheel puller for easy flywheel installation.Adding weight: Increases inertia/torque, Smooth’s power delivery, allows the rider to rider longer with less fatigue, Reduces bike stalling at low RPM, Top speed not affected.Removing weight: Increases acceleration/snap, Better throttle response! Increases engine responsiveness for sand.