KAGE-Powersports-AGM KBGT203

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Kage Powersports AGM Gel Batteries offer:

-High capacity
-Long discharge
-Long cycle life
-Low self-discharge
-Stunning value

Kage Batteries come with a 12 month warranty and are supported by the same people who import the Motobatt Range.

If your bike has one of the models listed under "Replaces" then select the respective KAGE model. If you don't know what battery your bike currently has and would like us to check compatibility please let us know the MakeCCModel and year of your machine and we will be happy to confirm. If there is no KAGE model we will suggest an alternative Motobatt.

MODEL_____Size-L x W x H____________CCA_Replaces

KBGT203____175mm 155mm 87mm_____250___ YG20BS, YTX20LBS, YTX20BS, YTX20HBS, MBTX20U