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Leatt 8.5 Helmet & Goggle Kit V23 - Metallic

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The bestsafety and Pro-Fit comfort.

In off-road riding crashes are areality give yourself the best possible chance of keeping trauma to aminimum by protecting your head and brain and invest in a greathelmet.

Leatt helmets feature category-defining 360 ° TurbineTechnology the helmet is lined with 360 ° turbines which are discsconstructed from an energy-absorbing material designed to allow the head tomove slightly inside the helmet during a crash reducing rotational direct and deflective impact energy. This technology has two key advantages thereduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain and theabsorption of energy upon impact at concussion level.

Once on yourhead the 8.5 will make you forget you are wearing a helmet due to thelightweight Composite shell and Pro-Fit modulating comfort liner stretchingover your head like it was made just for you providing superior comfortand stability.

The 8.5 is a great choice for any Thrill-seeker and isboth ECE and DOT certified!

Includes visor extender helmetbag and FREE Leatt Velocity goggles!


  • Helmet 8.5and 5.5 goggles as a kit
  • New high-performance certification ECE22.06
  • Composite shell in three sizes
  • Brain injury reductiontechnology
  • Reduces forces associated withconcussion
  • Pro-Fit elastic comfort liner that shapes to yourhead
  • Large ventilation channels to keep your head cool even atlower speeds
  • 4 densities of Impact foam for reduction of forces tothe head and brain
  • Visor has a breakaway function to reduce forceson to head and neck in a crash
  • X-Static® Inner liner iswashable breathable and has moisture-wicking anti-odorfabric
  • Designed to offer great neck bracemobility
  • Emergency cheek pad removal
  • Hydration sideport
  • Includes Visor extension
  • 360° TurbineTechnol