LS2 FF392J Kids Helmet Machine White/Red

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LS2 is renowned for their full face motorcycle helmets. Their racers and engineers worked hand in hand to create the most protective helmets for young riders. The new FF92J is no exception. It has so many great features that make it one of the best kids motorcycle helmets on the market.

The FF392J protects the whole face as opposed to open-face varieties that offer limited protection. It will provide excellent head protection for young riders while they learn the ropes. It is constructed out of multiple carbon fiber layers. This gives the kids motorcycle helmet excellent protective capabilities while still remaining relatively light. Underneath the carbon fiber shell is an EPS layer designed for shock absorption. The helmets are engineered using aerodynamic principles to cut down on drag and maintain stability while riding. Air vents are located in strategic areas along the helmet help circulate air by forcing in cool air and letting the hot air escape. The inner lining is moisture wicking meaning that it helps to prevent excess perspiration build up. The helmet liner is fully removable and washable great for dirty kids! The kids helmet is secured to the head with a reinforced chin strap so parents can be extra sure that their riders are safe. The kids motorcycle helmet is equipped with a UV blocking shield as well.

-Lightweight aerodynamic shell made from our HPTT shell
-Fully adjustable flow-through ventilation to keep you cool in the heat but allow you to block the breeze when it‰ŰŞs cold
-The optically correct faces shield uses LS2's Short Shift¨ Tool-Less Quick Release System to make changing the shield a breeze
-The comfort liner is fully removable and washable so you can keep it as fresh as new
-Quick Release Strap for easy on and off
-ECE 22.05 approved