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Voltage: 12V
CCA: 40
Capacity: 2.5Ah
Weight: 1.05kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 113 x 38 x 87mm
Terminals: 2, Spade
Replaces: YT4BBS

Motobatt batteries are manufactured from Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), this design has revolutionised the motorcycle, ATV, lawnmower and small engine industry. QuadFlex provides a unique four-terminal design with two positives, two negatives along with height spacers that permit an almost universal fit. All Motobatt AGM Batteries are maintenance free, non-hazardous, non-spill, charged and ready to install directly out of the box.

Each plate in the battery is wrapped in a fiberous glass matting which not only absorbs all liquid electrolyte but keeps the plates separated in a cushioned environment. This stops the plates from vibrating which can breakdown the plate and cause short circuits between the plates or break plate welds which result in battery failure. The thick, heavy plates used in Motobatt designs really make the difference.

AGM batteries also have a much lower inherent self-discharge rate than wet flooded types. And, as a higher amp hour AGM battery, the Motobatt battery can also discharge more deeply and recover repeatedly under the vehicle alternator charge or through maintenance charging. A standard flooded cell battery is not capable of withstanding this type of cycling without premature failure.

Patented QuadFlex multi-fit terminals
Absorbed Glass Mat technology – ensures greater protection against vibration and gives a longer lifecycle
Fully sealed – Can be mounted and transported in any position
No initial charging – Install and go, charged right out of the box
Maintenance Free – No messy acid to worry about
20% more cold cranking amps (CCA)

Application includes...

  • SUZUKI DR-Z70 (08-09) - 70CC
  • YAMAHA TTR50E (06-07) - 50CC
  • YAMAHA TTR90E Electric Start (03-07) - 90CC
  • YAMAHA SR400 (01-09) - 400CC
  • YAMAHA SR400(FI) (10-12) - 400CC

If you are not sure which Motobatt there is a selector at www.motobatt.com or check what battery your machine has now and enter it into our search field.