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Voltage: 13.2V
CCA: 165
Capacity: 2.2Ah
Weight: 0.55kg (1.21lbs)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 114 x 70 x 87mm (4.49 x 2.76 x 3.43)
Terminal Height: 127mm (5)
Terminals: 2, M5x2.5 (MPT1)
Screws: 4, M5x7 (2x MPS1)
Allen Wrench: 1, 3x3 (MPAK1)
Terminal Caps: 2, 11x5.5 (MPC1)

Pro Lithium

Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries are around 3x lighter than conventional lead-acid batteries, yet they produce even greater cranking performance ideal in competitive environments. This additional power translates into the ability to provide strong starting currents that are required for reliable, repeated starts at a wider range of temperatures than lead-acid batteries. Due to their very low idle discharge, Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries can retain charge after more than a year of inactivity. Pro Lithium batteries have a high life expectancy with over 2000 cycles compared to around 500 for a lead-acid battery, while also boasting a short recharge time, supplying up to 90% charge after

Motobatt Lithium batteries are around 3 times lighter than lead-acid batteries
Designed to produce higher cranking performance for competition environments
Strong Starting Current, Reliable repeated start opportunities over a wide variety of conditions
Very Low “self-discharge” while in storage
Fast Recharge time, 6 minutes for up to 90% charge
Cell Balancing Circuit (CBC)

Motobatt’s Cell Balancing Circuit or CBC for short gives their range of Pro Lithium batteries an edge over the competition. The dynamic cell balancing provides the ultimate in cell control giving superior performance, life span and safety.

Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries require different care and maintenance from standard lead-acid batteries. Always use a charger designed for use with lithium batteries. They are not suitable for use where there is a parasitic drain on the battery, e.g. hot grips, alarms, clocks etc.

Lithium are shipped as DANGEROUS GOODS: Please allow 7 days for delivery