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MTX 798 Steel Rear Sprocket #420 (420 Conversion) (47T)

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MTX OE Steel sprockets are strong and durable heat-treated andhand-finished for longevity.

Front sprockets are constructed from SCM420 chromoly steel alloywhere rear sprockets are constructed from C45 high carbon steel with aZinc electroplated finish.

Designed as an OEM replacement to exceed OEM specifications at afraction of the price making them your ideal cost-effective solutionfor replacing old worn and warped sprockets.


  • OEM replacement.
  • Exceeds OEM specifications.
  • Heat treated and hand-finished.
  • Constructed from C49 high carbon steel.


  • Pitch: 420
  • Teeth: 48
  • Confirm suitability for your year make model prior topurchase.
  • NOTE: Actual sprocket design may be different from the imageabove.