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Precision CNC Machined forPowersports

Provides amazing braking controlsto your powersports vehicles as it is designed and manufactured with worldleading cutting edge technologies:

  • Precision CNCMACHINED and LASER CUT technology
  • Japanese SUS420 Stainless Steel
  • Replacement for ORIGINALFITMENT

All brake disc rotors meets orexceeds original fitments and your powersports can be upgraded by choosingdifferent series:


- All PartNo. starting with MDF- are floating discs flat or with offset depending onOEM
- Floating Discs are made of two segments of stainless steelwhich are riveted together to allow the outer section of stainless steel toexpand under high temperatures
- Outer section is made ofJapanese SUS 420stainless steel and is heat treated to HRC 36 +- 2; Disccentres are manufactured in steel or alloy.
- Alternative tolarge original solid discs a floating disc improves the brakingperformance

Important Note:
Brake rotors should only be fittedby a qualitied technician.
New Disc Pads should always be installedwhen fitting new rotors.