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Oxford Original CE Armourlite Slim Jean - 2Y Blue (Regular)

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Oxford Original Approved Slim Men's Jean 2 Year Aged Regular

For Oxford's Approved Denim material innovation was a priority;performance denim built specifically for life on two wheels. From new yarnand fibre technologies to new finishes and dying techniques.

After continuous testing both in the lab and out on the road weintroduce Armourlite™ - highly durable denim that maintains a vintage lookand softness; jeans you want to wear.

To do this we workedwith skilled weavers and warpers to include a polyamide fibre into theweave - a hard-wearing material originally developed by the military forparachute cords.

A two-way stretch was added to enhancemobility and comfort. We also included a quick dry technology which drawssweat and increases water repellency.
- Single layer
- QuickDrying
- Lightweight