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PERFORMANCE REG POL RZR 900 / 1000 2014-2018 (RMS021-107099)

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This product is an advanced design that lowers operating temperaturesfor extended longevity and better performance than the OEMpart.

Polaris ATVs/UTVs are hugely popular vehicles. Unfortunatelythe voltage regulators on these vehicles are known for very poorreliability.

RM Stator's experience has shown that the amount ofelectrical customization the vehicle environment and the driving stylehave a huge impact on the voltage regulator's ability to operatereliably.

With this in mind they have designed a new voltageregulator with 65Amps-rated components to support more aggressive level ofstress the owner puts on the vehicle's electrical system either by addingaccessories or by driving the vehicle to the edge offailure



  • Width:110 mm
  • Length: 121 mm
  • Height: 41 mm
  • Fixation holescenter to center: 82 mm



  • Number of pins: 5
  • Number ofplugs: 2
  • Minimum Charging Voltage: 14.5 V +/- 0.5 V
  • MaximumCharging Current: 65A / 660W
  • Open Circuit Voltage: < 15V
  • Operation Temperature: - 20° C to 85°C