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New and Updated Halo LED Headlight

On this version, the headlight includes a Long-lasting LED bulb with a powerful light output. This version is completely homologated by ECE standards, making it road legal. The new LED bulb is suitable for use only with DC12V, providing optimal light and brightness.

Main Features:

LED Illumination - 100% LED Technology

Use only for DC12V

Homologated LED light for road use (ECE approved)

Passing beam output: 508 lumens.

Driving beam output: 1007 lumens.

Parts Included:

1 Headlight Halo Led

1 Led bulb

Headlight extensions

Vibration reduction straps

The HALO LED is available in all brand colors; Yellow, Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Black and White.

We want to help you with PARTS FITMENT, please tell us the Year, Make, Model, Version, CC). We usually courier from the North Island, Christchurch is our office. We send Signature required but you can use the tracking to give "ATL". 12 Months minimum manufacturer warranty.