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Street Bikes
Premier's most successful general use material our "P "series pads are a tough Kevlar based organ Ic material giving superb brake effect on all sports bikes and cruisers.
Off Road
Part numbers relating to off road machines are automatically
pre-selected for supply in carbon graphite compound for medium
durability good brake effect and minimum heat generation.
Off Road Sintered
"PR" pads have a HIGHDENSITY sintered metal compound
suitable for all types of Moto-X and ATV use.
Street Sport Sintered
High performance HH friction rated sintered metal pads made to
an exclusive formulation.
"PH" pads offer maximum durability and unbeatable performance
under heavy braking and hi-speed use.
Premier "RED BACK"
Red pads are an organ Ic based pad with longevity properties comparable
with sintered pads while being easy on the rotors.
Available in popular fitments only. Where applicable Red will be supplied
in place of ‰Ű÷P' pads.
Brake Shoes
PBS -Premier Brake Shoes are made with high pressure die
cast alloys and lined with asbestos-free premium quality linings
in either standard design or WG grooved design for Enduro/MX use.