SHINKO 546 90/100-16 REAR MX SOFT/INT | 16X90/100R546

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The 540 is designed for extremely soft terrain such as mud and sand. Wide spaced knobs shed mud quickly and its tall aggressive tread pattern offers increased traction in the nastiest of conditions.

Features include:

For extremely soft terrain (mud/sand)
Wide spaced knobs shed mud quickly
Tall aggressive tread pattern for increased traction in the nastiest conditions

Shinko 546 Series Soft Intermediate Tires

The Shinko 546 Tire Has an aggressive tread pattern that works very well in a wide range of soil conditions from mud sand to intermediate packed dirt. The tall wide spaced knobs offer exceptional self cleaning to provide excellent straight line traction on softer conditions.


  • Rubber compound offers excellent durability for long knob life
  • Front knobs use a 45ĺˇ knob pattern for a better biting edge when cornering and better braking stability
  • Front 90/100 sizing features a taller sidewall to prevent pinch flats in roots and rocky conditions
  • Front80/100 sizing features a lower profile sidewall for more precise cornering and less sidewall flex