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The Hornet ADV is a true hybrid between a premium road and off-road helmet. The mouthpiece and chin bar area incorporate the best features from both worlds; its shape was designed to improve air intake and ventilation performance all the while giving the rider the additional air space needed to accommodate heavy breathing during demanding off-road riding. Abandoning the traditional mouthpiece of an off-road helmet the Hornet ADV provides the additional protection needed when weather conditions become adverse and the multi-stage lower vent shutter allows the rider to fine-tune airflow for every riding condition.


  • Shell in AIM+Organ Ic -composite and high performance organ Ic fibre in various layers for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity.

  • E.Q.R.S. Security system E.Q.R.S.(Emergency Quick Release System) for easy helmet removal in case of an accident


  • 4-ShelL sizes For perfect fit and compact dimensions: 1) XXS-S2) M3)L4) XL-XXL

  • 3D-Centerpad and cheek pads
    -For pleasant wearing comfort
    - The interior is completely detachable for easy maintenance and washing
    - The pads cover are made of a quick drying fabric to keep you comfortable when sweating

  • Ear pads To reduce the noise that may be created by the large cavity for installing an intercom system the Hornet ADV is equipped with ear pads that can be placed in the space in case no intercom is installed.


  • Upper air intake The upper air intake is working as a ducted intake. A lot of air is forced into the helmet and guarantees an incredible air exchange to keep you cool and dry.


    • V-460Peak The peak of the Hornet ADV, Called V-460 peak is especially designed with aerodynamic performance in mind.
      The holes in the peak and the big open space between the helmets shell and the peak gives a lot of space for the airstream to pass through improving the performance during riding with higher speeds.