SPKT KIT SUZ TL1000R (recommended) - 530GXW 17/39

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Chain & Sprocket Kit Contents:
17T Front Sprocket - SPF56617C
39T Rear Sprocket - SPR49839C
110 Link RK Chain - RKP530GXWX110
RK Kit Box - SPRKITBOXRK chain and sprocket kits are the perfect drive maintenance kit for your bike, including a strong and durable 17T front and 39T rear steel sprocket, constructed from C49 high carbon steel paired with a high-quality XW-ring RK chain this kit has everything you need to replace your old warped and stretched chain and sprockets. The perfect alternative to expensive OEM replacements while designed to meet and exceed OEM specifications. Supplied in presentable packaging with a carry handle for convenient transportation.About the Chain:RK's GXW series is designed to be the top of the line performance chain for Superbike, Road and Endurance Racing. The GXW is lightweight while maintaining a high tensile strength with maximum durability. RK's XW-Ring technology remarkably improves the chain life and lowers friction. Perfect for both race and road use providing as far as 20,000km of use while retaining its high-performance nature.