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The Whites Crankcase Separator Tool fits most 2 and 4-stroke engines with vertically split cases. It allows a multitude of bolt patterns to be used and eliminates binding under heavy loads. The kit includes both 6mm and 8mm mounting bolts and the crankcase separator centre bolt with a 24mm hex head for use with torque wrenches and socket sets. The Whites Crankcase Separator Tool is perfect for splitting cases with ease while preventing unnecessary damage.

Slides in fingers allow multiple patterns for almost all models
Includes both 6mm and 8mm mounting bolts
Both 6mm and 8mm bolts are 200mm long
24mm hex head centre bolt

|Fitment| We are happy to confirm if this will fit. Guides require us to know the Year, Make, Model, Submodel (if there is one) and CC. If you could provide that info we would appreciate it.