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Dial in your perfect lap times with the Whites GPS Lap Timer. The Whites GPS Lap Timer is a dual satellite system lap timer, working with both the GPS and GLONASS systems allowing your device to be pin pointed by a group of 55 satellites around the globe. Capable of displaying multiple statistics for your ride with a 10Hz/18Hz clocking frequency ensuring the most accurate measurement. Three different menus, lap timing menu displays speed and times for a completed circuit, the drag menu displays times for reaching certain speeds or crossing a set distance and the section menu displays speeds and times for travelling from one set point to another.Three different menus displaying different statisticsDual satellite system for accurate recordingPerfect for practice to pinpoint strong and weak areasCan be used in road bikes, dirt bikes, ATV's and carsLap Timer Menu:Measuring times and speed for a complete circuitMax Speed in km/h or mp/hTotal timeAverage timeFastest lap and timeSlowest lap and timeDrag Menu:For measuring acceleration at different points of the track0-50 km/h time0-100 km/h time0-128 km/h time0-400m timeTotal distance travelledTotal time usedSection Menu:Measuring times and speed between two predetermined pointsMax speedTotal timeAverage timeFastest timeSlowest time