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Please let us help you with SIZING and FITMENTS, ask here. We are based in Canterbury but many items are couriered directly to you from the North Island.

Removing and installing wheel bearings can be a difficult job, the Whites Wheel Bearing Removal Kit makes the job seem effortless. Compatible with most wheel bearing sizes on both motorcycles and ATVs with 6 different sized collets from 10mm-25mm. The collets are split so the drive shafts can slot in for quick and easy removal. Prevents you from damaging the inner hub with scratches and from breaking your bearings.

250mm and 400mm drive shafts
Suitable for most common motorcycles and ATVs
6 seal collets, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 17mm, 20mm and 25mm

Remove any seals and clips
Select proper sized collet
Place the collet into the bearing, the slotted side face down
Put the hub on a smooth hard surface, the collet facing down
Using a mallet to tap the rod into the slot on the collet to expand it until it is tight on the inside of the bearing
Strike the rod with the mallet to drive bearing out of the hub

If the bearing is seized into the hub heating the aluminium around the bearing will make it easier to remove.