Our History

Established in 2003 as an excuse to import Ducati’s and other high performance bikes from around the world we could otherwise only lust after (like our 916SPS).

Within a few years we had a new bike dealership for brands such as Aprilia, Hyosung, Moto Guzzi, MZ, MV Agusta & Vespa.

Our focus is now the sale of gear - Helmets, Jackets, Pants, Gloves and Boots. We offer a carefully curated selection of items – bike clothing that really performs. Motorcyclists ourselves, we take time to clarify such things as size variations between brands, and are here to help you get the gear you need for the riding you do.

You want choice, convenience, speed, security, product backup, and a good price. That’s something we do our utmost to deliver.

We ship from wholesale facilities in New Zealand. If you are Rural, we don’t charge extra and you can be sure we will get it to your RD driver quickly.

Did we say we've been riding a while? Peter, one of Emoto's owners in the days before Giant Loop luggage was around - or Adventure bikes had been invented for that matter!

Yes, that's Ayers Rock. Melbourne to Uluru return, 114 fuel stops, 5,000km in 4 days. No speed limits in 2000! 

 Suzuki TLR in the Outback

Peter from Emoto "Touring"

Ayers Rock with a Suzuki TLR1000