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All Balls Racing

All Balls Racing Carburettor Rebuild Kit (26-1499)

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Carburetor repair kits
• Kits include all of thenecessary components to repair a carburetor. ATV models with twocarburetors include components to repair two carburetors.
• Kit includesnecessary all O-rings gaskets jets needle mixture screw float bowlscrews float valve needle and seat. (Needle jet and other pressed in jetsare not included in kit.)
• OEM jet sizes are included in the kit. NBRrubber material is used on all O-rings and rubber gaskets NBR has excellentresistance to the ethanol used in today’s fuels.
• Applications that usepaper float bowl gaskets are upgraded to High Performance Interface Gasketmaterial.
• Components included in the kits are based off of US modelsand discretion must be used when attempting to install the kit on a non USmodel.
• Off road use only.