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Gaerne Boots


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Gaerne is proudly Italian owned and operated with unrivalled experiencein the production of performance-orientated motorcycle boots. Gaerneincorporates feedback from top athletes Malcolm Stewart Marco Melandri andmore along with the use of advanced technologies and painstaking materialselection to create forward-thinking motorcycle boots. Gaerne boots are100% designed and handcrafted in Italy as Gaerne believes in a premiumquality that can only be achieved in their own local factory.

For thetwo-wheeled travellers who goes where the adventure takes them this bootcan easily cope with all weather conditions and any terrain. This madein Italy excellence has the Upper in full-grain leather with breathable andWaterproof Goretex Performance Membrane. An innovative ankle pivot systemforms a flexible link between the upper boot and lower foot area for addedcontrol and support. PU shin plates reinforcement frame-gripping suedeinner calf guard aluminium buckle and Velcro strap for a customised fit.The lug-soled Sole tread offers a superior grip on anyterrain.

What is Gore-Tex?

Gore-Tex is awaterproof breathable fabric membrane. Invented in 1969 Gore-Tex canrepel liquid water while allowing water vapour to pass through and isdesigned to be a lightweight waterproof fabric for all-weather use. TheGore-Tex membrane contains pores smaller than a water droplet but largerthan a water vapour molecule. So rain can’t get in but sweat canget out.