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Gaerne Boots


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Gaerne is proudly Italian owned and operated with unrivalled experience in the production of performance-orientated motorcycle boots. Gaerne incorporates feedback from top athletes Malcolm Stewart Marco Melandri and more along with the use of advanced technologies and painstaking material selection to create forward-thinking motorcycle boots. Gaerne boots are 100% designed and handcrafted in Italy as Gaerne believes in a premium quality that can only be achieved in their own local factory.

Providing immediate step-in comfort and returning for 2020 is the dual-sided ankle pivot system the system consists of two lugs that prevent rolling movement from left to right limiting forward and backward movement which prevents overextension while still providing flex keeping your foot flat-mounted on the pegs. Along with the new position adjustable top two buckles allowing you to move the top two buckles in three different positions increasing or decreasing the opening width for knee brace use. The all-new Goodyear stitched sole is a high grip rubber compound sole that grants durability superior grip and the perfect feeling while riding. The upper side features stamped suede for increased grip and heat resistance while the closure system consists light-alloy replaceable buckles for an easy fast and precise closure.

Dual-sided ankle pivot system
Position adjustable buckles
4 alloy replaceable buckles
Goodyear stitched sole
Stamped suede on the inside of each leg
Velcro closing tab
Elasticated gaiter