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Gaerne SG22 — putting new horsepower on the ground.

The new Gaerne SG.22 motocross boot represents the natural evolution of the appreciated SG.12. The translation of the English term horsepower does not refer only to power but also to commitment to strength to the power of actions and decisions. And it is precisely this spirit that has accompanied Gaerne in every phase of the research and development process.

The first innovation is the new 3D Main Body Toe Box which adopts a three-dimensional construction characterized by a single joint element positioned on the outside near the closing lever. This allows a reduction in the height between the sole and the rear derailleur increasing the speed of shifting.

The Aluminum Superlight Buckles levers stand out thanks to a new painted finish and the improvements are not just aesthetic.

In addition to the classic strap adjustment the upper locking lever of the SG.22 can be adjusted in three positions. A system that combined with the two positions guaranteed by the new Frontal Shin Guard makes it possible to obtain multiple configurations to optimize the fit and allow easy insertion of knee protectors.

Near the Frontal Plate are allocated two Air Vents to allow air to enter and inside in correspondence 3D channels are designed to create cavities capable of facilitating the evacuation of humidity and the dissipation of heat. The geometry of the movement has also been modified to allow the boot to better copy the movements of the ankle.

The newly designed Razorback helps to reduce the overall weight of the boot. Meanwhile the Gaerne Dual Stage Pivot System 1.0 protects the ankle with two limit switches which limits the hyperextension hyperflexion and lateral movements.

Internally the Memory foam 1.0 has also been re-engineered. This injected material takes the shape of the ankle stabilizing the whole foot and allowing the foot to become one with the boot. The inner leg in contact with the bike features Grip Guard 1.0 rubber elements with a compound developed with professional riders. This improves protection and optimizes the coefficient of friction for a better riding feel.

The sole features dual-density inserts. Their position has been studied to guarantee grip and durability without forgetting traction and cushioning during walking. The Microshock heel features a compound with different densities designed to provide protection from micro- impact when cornering. The new Steel Bumper 1.0 toe is inserted between the sole and the upper. This steel insert makes it possible to reduce thickness maintain the protective capacity and reduce weight.

Finally the unmistakable Goodyear Welted construction distinguishes Gaerne boots as per tradition. This technique allows you to create a particularly solid and resistant structure. Durability thus becomes one of the strengths of every product dedicated to motocross. Also it allows the possibility of resoling (and therefore giving new life to the boot). The Goodyear Welted artisan technique finds a new aspect in Gaerne thanks to the use of modern machinery that contributes to raising the quality of the rigorously Made in Italy production process.


  • Low-profile toebox with replaceable steel tip.
  • Lightweight aluminium buckles with painted finish.
  • Adjustable top buckle position for comfort and knee brace compatibility.
  • Two two-position front shin guards also aid in creating space at the boot opening.
  • Dual stage pivot system mirrors the ankle's natural movement while providing support and protection.
  • 3D air vents and channels to evacuate humidity and heat.
  • High friction rubber inner leg area to grip your bike.
  • Memory foam interior for a custom fit.
  • Impact-absorbing heel design.
  • Replaceable sole.
  • Made in Italy.