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As modern UTV’s are improving every year it is increasingly common to add accessories to them like stereos lights and winches. These are great upgrades until you are stuck with a dead battery and can’t start the engine! RMSTATOR comes to the rescue with the best and most complete kit available to add a second battery to your UTV to power your accessories and monitor the charge of both batteries right from your dashboard!

The addition of a second battery to your vehicle to power your accessories allows you to safely use them all day without discharging your primary starting battery. If the voltage drops too low on your second battery it will disconnect and isolate it from the main battery safely and automatically. When the motor is started the secondary battery will be reconnected and recharged.

The included LED dual voltmeter installs on your dashboard and lets you easily monitor the voltage of both batteries. The included wiring harness and relay allow the voltmeter to turn on and off with your keyswitch.

Everything you need for a complete installation is included!


    • Dual battery isolator relay

    • 12” Black ground battery cable with terminal lugs

    • 12” Red positive battery cable with terminal lugs

    • 18” Red positive battery cable with terminal lugs

    • Dual Red LED voltmeter (1.4” OD x 1” depth)

    • Keyswitch voltmeter activation relay with socket and wires

    • 96” wire harness for dual voltmeter connection to relay

    • Terminals and connectors