MOTOBATT CHARGER 4 BANK 12v 2.0 per channel

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Charge 4 Batteries at the same time with a full 2 Amps!
For optimal battery charging this 4 bank charger utilizes a 13.6 to 14.8 volt automatic variable charge rate and a 2.0 amp output current charge rate. It incorporates a Soft Start feature to charge batteries with charge state as low as 3.5 volts
13.6 to 14.8 volt capabilities assures optimal charging of all lead acid batteries, including AGM and Gel Cell batteries.
3 LED operational status indicator lights. Bad Battery test indictor. Reverse polarity protection. Spark proof
Includes both alligator clamp style and remote connector style leads. Optional 25' remote connector leads available on request.
9 phase charging: 1-Qualifying phase ensures the battery is in good condition prior to charging. 2- Rescue Phase. 3- Soft Start Phase four low voltage condition. 4-Pulse Mode Phase aid charging and reconditioning 5- Recondition Phase improves depth of charge. 6- Bulk Charge Phase variable current charge to 80% capacity. 7- Absorption Phase brings battery to 100% charge. 8- Check Phase confirms batteries condition when fully charged. 9- Float/Maintain Phase monitors battery state and turns on as needed.