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Motobatt Charger Fat Boy 12V 2.0A Lead Acid/AGM/Lith/Canbus

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Founded in 2008 Motobatt is a manufacturer of premium Powersports batteries battery chargers and battery related accessories. Motobatt is the creator and holds patents all over the world for the Motobatt 4 terminal battery that facilitates flexible battery installation across a wide variety of vehicles while maintaining an OE like fit.


  • 9 Step Algorithm
  • Canbus Compatible
  • Automatic Charging & Maintaining
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection (Lead-Acid Only)
  • Short Circuit Protection (Lead-Acid Only)
  • Spark Proof (Lead-Acid Only)


  • Applicatio 12V AGM Lead-Acid & Lithium
  • Input: Auto-switching 120-240VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Input Cable: 6' 18AWG U.S. SPT-2 EU-H03VV Aust/NZ-H03VV
  • Output: 12VDC 2A
  • Max Charge Current: 2A
  • Max Voltage: 14.9V (Lead-Acid) 14.6V (Lithium)
  • Battery Capacity: 4-100Ah (Lead-Acid) 2-20Ah (Lithium)

Motobatt chargers utilise Motobatt’s unique 9 Stage Charging and Maintenance Process.

Qualification Phase:

Initially ensures that the battery is in good condition prior to launching charge processing. As a safety measure charge process will not begin if the battery is below 2V.

Battery Rescue Phase:

Motobatt Battery Rescue starts if the battery voltage has risen unusually high in the early portion of the re-charge cycle. This is usually caused by plate sulfation. Once the battery rescue phase has succeeded in getting the battery to accept power normal battery charging will begin.

Soft Start Phase:

Soft Start is used when the charger has detected a battery at a very low initial state of charge. Voltage and current are delivered at specified rates to help the battery to recover prior to entering Pulse charge mode.