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Oxford Roll Bag Heritage 20L - Black

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This vintage-styled waxed cotton luggage uses traditional materials andmanufacturing techniques to recall a time when people worked and playedoutdoors come rain or shine. Beneath the old-world look is a hidden layerof modern technology offering a user experience to match today’sdemanding expectations. The material is dry waxed cotton a modern take onthe traditional sailcloth which sailors wore to protect themselves fromthe salt water and wet weather. The dry wax application is applied to allouter materials including the straps and won't come off on your hands whenmoving fitting and using the luggage.

Traditional methods are usedto assemble the bags. For example pockets are pleated in order to lie flatwhen empty but provide space to expand when filling; flag stitches secureall the straps and strapping points to the main structure of the bag; theroll top closure is both traditional and the best way to seal the bagsagainst rain. Inside the bags you will find a very modern removablewaterproof liner which uses taped seams to guarantee that the contentsremain dry even when the outer material has been drenched. The luggageemploys Oxford’s most up-to-date fitting system to ensure that it canbe secured to the bike safely with all necessary fittings supplied. Theresult is a user-friendly product which does the job whilst looking thepart.

  • Easy grab carry handle
  • Water resistant rolltop closure
  • Stud/zip external pocket
  • Traditional waxedcotton construction
  • Waterproof liner (removable)
  • Paddedshoulder strap for added comfort
  • Front pocket for storingitems
  • Unique under seat security strap (must be used)