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Series Regulator Bypass Suzuki DRZ400 / Kawasaki KLX400 (RMS020-108148)

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The failure-prone harnesses on Suzuki and Kawasaki are known to developcorrosion which increases electrical resistance which in turn increasesthe temperature of wires to the point where connectors start melting. Whenthis happens the voltage regulator (and most likely the stator) isfailing incurring steep repair expenses.

Our new bypass voltageregulator brings back the renowned RMSTATOR Series technology designed tobypass the main wiring harness and connect the voltage regulator directlyto the battery. This configuration has demonstrated a major increase involtage regulator reliability in real-life scenarios over theyears.


  • SeriesTechnology
    Significantly lowers regulator and statortemperatures for more accurate voltage regulation and increasedreliability of your charging system components
  • PRO-FITSystem
    Includes everything required to perform aRMSTATOR-style professional installation: part connectors bypass harnessand dielectric connector grease.
  • 2-YearWarranty
    Covered with a 2-year warranty for complete peace ofmind.