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STATOR YAM XVS650 V-STAR CUSTOM 2004-2016 (RMS010-103240)

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RMSTATOR is specialized in designing and manufacturing innovativeelectrical and electronic components for Powersports vehicles likemotorcycles ATV SxS UTV snowmobiles and PWC. Through unrelentingquality control we ensure that each component meets or exceeds the OEMspecs. With over 25 product families rest assured that you will findthe part you need.

  • Direct replacement to your originalunit
  • Plug-and-play direct fit easy installation
  • Highestgrade of lamination materials
  • Highest grade of copper winding resistant to 200 degrees Celsius
  • Connectorincluded

Battery condition is extremely important. No statorcan work correctly with a bad or weak battery. Always fully chargeyour battery before performing any charging system tests or replacingparts. If there is any doubt have the battery load tested orreplaced.

Please Note:

  1. All electrical components mustbe fitted by a qualified technician.
  2. Before fitting electricalcomponents ensure the root cause of the original failure has beenaddressed.
  3. The absence of either of points 1 or 2 above will voidany warranty.