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Do you push your dirt bike to the limit? If so you understand theimportance of having trusted protection parts that can withstand therigours of off-road riding. Trail Tech Radiator Guards are built tothrive in the most rugged environments safeguarding your ride.

Here are some reasons why Trail Tech Radiator Guards are anexcellent investment:

  • Designed to work with Trail Tech Fan Kits: TrailTech Radiator Guards work seamlessly with Trail Tech Fan Kits ensuring your bike stays cool in even the most extreme conditions. Youcan be confident that your bike’s engine will not overheat bypairing the two.

  • Unobstructed airflow: Trail Tech Radiator Guardsallow maximum airflow to your bike’s radiator fins ensuringyour engine stays cool even in the hottest conditions.

  • Forged/CNC lightweight design: Trail Tech RadiatorGuards are built to last. Their light yet strong design protectsagainst rocks sticks and other debris capable of damaging yourbike’s radiators.

  • Patent Pending Radiator Spigot Guards: TrailTech’s patent-pending radiator spigot guards offer additionalprotection against damage to these essential components.

Additional benefits of choosing Trail Tech Radiator Guards:

  • Brush and side impact protection: In addition toprotecting your bike’s radiator from debris Trail Tech RadiatorGuards protect against brush and side impacts. Allowing you to ridewith confidence.

  • Trail Tech Warranty: We are so confident in ourTrail Tech Radiator Guards that we offer a “life of thebike” warranty. This means you can ride confidently for as longas you own your bike.

  • OEM factory mounting points: Trail Tech RadiatorGuards are designed to fit seamlessly with your bike’s existingmounting points. This mak