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Whites Motorcycle Parts

WHITES TYRE WARMER D3 60/80/95C 120/180-195 PAIR BLK

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Available in four different tyre size configurations and threepreset temperature settings the Whites D3 Tyre Warmer is perfect foryour pit tyre warming requirements. The three-switch system allows thefunctionality of a digital system but at the price of an analogue tyrewarmer. The front and rear warmers have independent switches so youcan dial in the perfect settings for your ride.


  • Three temperature settings (Low Medium High)
  • CE-approved
  • Digital functionality at an analogue price
  • Independent front and rear settings
  • Low: 60 degrees Celsius (Good for Wet weather)
  • Medium: 80 degrees Celsius (Good for Slick tyres and goodweather)
  • High: 95 degrees Celsius (Good for Slick tyres and goodweather)
  • Front Tyre Size: 90
  • Rear Tyre Size: 120-125
  • Colour: Black