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The Whites Universal Valve Repair Set contains tools required for repairing your valves including a universal valve spring compressor valve collet replacer valve holder and a 14/18mm compressed air adaptor.

The Universal Valve Spring Compressor tool has been developed to remove and install the valve spring while the cylinder head is still on the engine it can also remove/install the valve spring after the cylinder head has been removed.

The Valve Collet Replacer has been designed to replace tapered split collets on recessed valve springs quick and easy. The special spring-loaded unit places the collets in position on recessed heads instantly with magnets included to retrieve the collets.

The Valve Holder enables replacement of valve seals and broken or weak valve springs without removing by applying air to the cylinder through the spark plug hole. The tool fits both 14mm and 18mm spark plug threads with a 1/4 NPT female on the opposite end.

The 14/18mm Compressed Air Adaptor holds the valve in place using compressed air allowing the valve stem oil seals and valve springs to be serviced with the cylinder head in place. The tool fits both 14mm and 18mm spark plug threads and has a 1/4 BSP female airline coupler.